Episode 49 – American Idols

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 49 - American Idols

When we read in the Old Testament about the pagan idolatry that took place in Israel, we often scoff. We think, “How could anyone be so foolish?” But when we dig a little bit deeper, what we find is that we aren’t so different from Israel. When they worshiped idols, it was their way of seeking safety and fulfillment outside of (or in addition to) their relationship with God. And when you think of it that, way, it’s something that we struggle with all the time.

In this episode, we unpack six modern day idols that American Christians tend to struggle with.

  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Nationalism and Patriotism
  • Safety and Security
  • Family
  • Career Success and Image
  • Romance

As we explore each of these idols, we discuss exactly how they show up in our lives, as well as the damaging effects they can have on our faith and witness.


When I look at the idolatry we see in Israel in the Old Testament, I'm actually prone to make fun of them. But I'm not as different from them as I assume. Click To Tweet

Our cultural construct for idolatry is different from Israel's, but our weaknesses are very much the same. Click To Tweet

As the church, we could do so much more if we were more generous. But our idol of wealth and prosperity keeps us from that. Click To Tweet

We often platform people who will can sell books and conference tickets, and who will continue to say whatever it takes to make those sales. Click To Tweet

Nationalism has been a problem for Evangelicals for a long time, but we've really seen it rear its ugly head in recent years. Click To Tweet

Our identity in Christ should unite us way more than our identification with a particular country. Click To Tweet

Sometimes we end up defending things that Jesus hates because we think they're the Christian things, but they actually aren't the Christian things. They're just the American things that are within us. Click To Tweet

God promises us spiritual security, but he never promised that every aspect of your life would be safe or secure. Click To Tweet

The mission of Jesus doesn't lead us to a place of safety and security. Sometimes it leads us to a place of danger or uncertainty. Click To Tweet

Sometimes we don't want to be generous because it might mean that our own family might receive just a little bit less. Click To Tweet

Our particular vision for nuclear family is often smaller than the vision God has for family. Click To Tweet

When you stop idolizing your family and you stop idolizing your kids, it's going to lead you into very different decisions than those of the ideal suburban family. Click To Tweet

Be very careful that you don't just trade one idol for another. Click To Tweet

There's a huge difference between being a hard worker and being a ladder climber. Click To Tweet

Do you have friends in low places? Because Jesus was a man who had friends in low places. Click To Tweet

When you're obsessed with romance, you make less of the covenant relationship that God designed marriage to be. Click To Tweet

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