Does Paul Contradict Jesus? Progressive Christianity on TikTok

Progressive Christianity is alive and well on TikTok. In a recent video that went viral, progressive Christian minister Brandan Robertson claimed that the problem with evangelicalism is that it focuses too much on the teachings of Paul and not enough on the teachings of Jesus.

Robertson went on to claim that Paul even contradicts Jesus on a number of important points, and that when that happens, we should go with the teachings of Jesus instead of Paul’s.

What Robertson said was not unique. Rather, it is a common claim within the movement of progressive Christianity.

In this episode, we discuss Robertson’s specific claims and why we believe a number of things that he says are misleading or outright false.

We also explore some of the tenants of progressive Christianity more generally and discuss how tethering ourselves to the historic Christian tradition helps us from coming up with innovative ways to arrive at old heresies.


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WATCH: Brandan Robertson on TikTok

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