Is the Pope Catholic? Francis’ Appearance on 60 Minutes

Last weekend, Pope Francis sat down for a wide-ranging interview on “60 Minutes,” which was somewhat historic, because it was the first time that the first pope from the Americas sat down with an American media outlet for an exclusive interview.

And, as you might imagine, some people were quick to pick apart everything he said. Most of those people were Protestants, although some Catholics chimed in. Some offered strong critiques of Francis. Someone even said that his words were “Christless.” Others accused him of committing heresy.

To be sure, these are strong claims to make against the pope.

While we aren’t Roman Catholic and certainly have some deep disagreements with Roman Catholic theology, we thought it might be helpful to break down some of what the pope said. So this week on the podcast, we discuss whether some of the remarks Francis made are really as awful or outside the realm of our own Christian thinking as some people have characterized them.


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WATCH: Pope Francis: The 60 Minutes Interview

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