A Better Christian Vision for Immigration

Immigration is always a contentious issue in America, as well as in the evangelical church. In an election year and with the current crisis at the border, that is especially true right now.

And while Christians have a rich history of caring for marginalized people, including refugees and immigrants, the current political climate has caused distrust or even disdain for migrants to creep into the church. The unfortunate reality is that any Christian leader who speaks positively or empathetically about immigrants invites criticism from other Christians, even if they have not explicitly advocated for any policy stances.

On this episode, we seek to develop a theology of immigration by looking at what the Bible has to say about immigrants. It may surprise you how often the topic arises!

Then we dive into to some of the specific policy concerns that are driving the conversation today—not so much to give you an “answer” or tell you how to vote, but to set the rules of engagement for Christians seeking to advocate for immigration policies that are both compassionate and effective.


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