Ecumenism: How United Should the Global Church Be?

Followers of Jesus are called to stand upon the truth of Scripture. We are also called to be united with one another.

But what happens when those two things seem to be in conflict with one another? How united can we, or should we, be with Christians across deeply held theological convictions? What are the limits of cross-denominational unity? Are there more limits than there should be, and if so, what’s the best way forward?

We are not the first ones to be wrestling with these questions.

In fact, for more than a hundred years, a movement of Christians has been seeking to expand the boundaries of unity across different denominations and Christian movements. Broadly speaking, that movement has been called ecumenism.

In this episode, we briefly discuss the history of ecumenism, how it came about, and where those efforts stand today.

We also grapple with some of the practical concerns involved with trying to unite with other Christians across churches, Christian organizations, and denominational affiliations. What are the limits of our ability to partner with one another, and at what point can we consider ourselves truly united?


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Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity” by Mark Noll
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