Unconditional Conference, Andy Stanley, and LGBTQ+ Issues in the Church

North Point Community Church, which is pastored by Andy Stanley, recently hosted a conference that caused quite a stir. Called the Unconditional Conference, the two-day event was geared toward helping Christian parents of LGBTQ+ children navigate their relationships with the children and to equip ministry leaders to support those parents.

However, the conference came under sharp criticism for hosting speakers who are LGBTQ+ affirming theologians, two of whom were gay married men. One of the biggest names weighing into the conversation was Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mohler accused Stanley of departing from “biblical Christianity,” a claim Stanley took exception to.

While Stanley clarified that he and his church still uphold the traditional view of sexuality and marriage, he said that he doesn’t want to “draw lines” but instead “draw circles.” Despite his words, many have interpreted Stanley’s actions as a tacit endorsement of LGBTQ+ affirming theology.

In this episode, we wade into the mess of navigating grace and truth in light of LGBTQ+ issues. How can we prioritize relationships with people within the LGBTQ+ community while not compromising our convictions? What can we learn from Andy Stanley’s example, both for the positive and the negative?


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