What If We’ve Gotten Heaven All Wrong?

For Christians, the hope of heaven is one of our most important beliefs. But it’s also one of the most mysterious and even one of the most misunderstood. 

And that makes sense. No one has ever been there and come back to tell us about it—although some have claimed to. Added to the complexity is our need to have a good grasp on eschatology to speak about eternity with theological precision. 

When we think about heaven, we tend to think about a giant gated community in the sky. Saint Peter stands at the gates, looking through a giant book with your name in it, so that you can enter into the city with golden streets and white buildings that are backlit by the sun. 

To be sure, some of this imagery is pulled directly from Scripture, even though it’s an overly literalized rendering of what is written in prophetic and apocalyptic texts. But a lot of it is also culturally conditioned, based on what artwork we’ve seen or movies we’ve watched.

So on this episode of the podcast, we discuss three things that Christians tend to get wrong about heaven and cast a bigger vision for what it will be like experience the new heavens and new earth in eternity.


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