Is Alistair Begg Wrong About Christians Attending Same-Sex Weddings?

Alistair Begg has become the subject of considerable criticism in recent weeks after he said that he had advised a woman to attend her grandson’s wedding with a trans person. While Begg gave the advice with the caveat that the woman was clear that she had not changed her views on marriage and gender, he said that reaching hearts for the gospel would “take risks.”

Amid a bevy of criticism, Begg has stood by his comments. As a result, American Family Radio has pulled his “Truth for Life” program from 1,800 radio stations.

This news signifies a marked shift in Begg’s reputation among a certain group of evangelicals. For decades, he has been known as a theologically conservative Bible teacher and expository preacher. And while he hasn’t moved away from the historic Christian understanding of marriage and gender, some have publicly lamented his alleged moral “drift” and even suggested that he will be judged by God for failing to “preach the gospel of repentance.”

On this episode, we discuss what exactly Begg said and whether we agree with him. We also explore broader questions about the relationship between the church and the LGBTQ+ community. What does it look like to walk in grace and truth when we disagree with the prevailing culture about such fundamental realities?


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