Why Are Christians Obsessed With the Enneagram? (And Should We Stop?)

In recent years, the enneagram of personality has become widely popular among evangelicals as a tool for people to better understand themselves and the world around them, with many using it as an integral part of their spiritual formation process.

The personality framework outlines nine distinct personality types, identified by their root motivations and fears. The enneagram has been the subject of books, conference talks, courses, and even sermon series. Church small groups have discussed at length what their “number” is and what it means for how they interact with themselves, God, and others.

Long before evangelical audiences discovered the personality framework, it was leveraged by religious orders within Roman Catholicism, including the Jesuits and the Franciscans.

On the other hand, some evangelicals have raised alarm bells about the enneagram, alleging that it has satanic roots and promotes ideas that are fundamentally at odds with a Christian worldview. But are those criticisms fair?

In this episode, we discuss what the enneagram is and how its used, its history and origin, and whether Christians can benefit from utilizing it. Further, if it is a tool that Christians can use to better understand themselves and others, what are the limits of its helpfulness, and how can it be properly placed within our broader vision for discipleship?


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The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery” by Ian Morgan Cron

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