5 Hot Takes on the 10 Commandments

When it comes to the Bible, certain passages are so well known that even many non-Christians are aware of them. Among them is the 10 Commandments. Even though not many can name all 10, most people are at least aware that they exist.

Nevertheless, just a biblical concept is familiar, that doesn’t mean that we have a good understanding of its meaning and importance. In fact, sometimes the parts of the Bible that are most familiar are the very parts about which we have the most misconceptions. And that is certainly the case with the 10 Commandments.

As a result, there are many poor interpretations about a great many things relating to the 10 Commandments floating around our culture and even within the church. We may have accepted some of them as fact without ever having any reason to question them.

On this episode, we offer five hot takes on the 10 Commandments—not just to be controversial, but as a bit of a case study in how complicated it can be to properly interpret the Bible, particularly when it comes to the Old Testament. If we take the Bible seriously, then we need to be willing to grapple with the complexity, and sometimes even uncertainty, that comes with working to understand what exactly the biblical authors were seeking to convey.


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