Episode 52 – Expanding the Pro-Life Conversation

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Episode 52 - Expanding the Pro-Life Conversation

Having a Christian worldview necessarily entails being pro-life. After all, Jesus came that we have life—and that we might have it abundantly. We preach a message of eternal life, and we are taught the value of human life in the Scriptures.

But in America, we tend to pigeon hole the conversation of being pro-life into merely being anti-abortion. So this week on the podcast, we seek to expand the conversation to explore what a more holistic approach to being pro-life might look like.

The particular way we go about that is by exploring a number of other key issues that involve literal and immediate life-and-death concerns. These are topics that Americans are often divided on, as well as those within the Church.

  • Abortion
  • Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
  • War
  • Capital Punishment

You might not land where we do on these issues, but we hope that our conversation spurs on your own contemplation as you seek to be pro-life in every aspect of life, from womb to tomb.


LISTEN: Choosing Life
READ: How To Approach The Abortion Conversation

What About Abortion? Should this one issue determine how Christians vote? (YouTube video by the Holy Post)
War: Four Christian Views edited by Robert G. Clouse
Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics by Scott Rae


Being pro-life means being anti-abortion. But there are so many other issues that can be folded into it. Click To Tweet

While we hold to a pretty stern view of abortion, we also want to give voice and have compassion on the trauma the leads up to and results from an abortion. Click To Tweet

If our goal is to get the abortion rate as low as humanly possible, the question is what is the best way to make that happen? It goes beyond simply voting Republican. Click To Tweet

It's concerning when Christians rally around being anti-abortion only within the political arena, rather than seeking to care for those who are sitting face-to-face with this decision. Click To Tweet

Rather than berating someone for voting for Hilary or Biden, a much more pro-life thing to do would be to find the crisis pregnancy center in your neighborhood and find out how you can support them. Click To Tweet

It's easier to make a judgment call about physician assisted suicide when you don't know anybody who's enduring suffering and facing that question. Click To Tweet

No one wants to see someone else suffering, but when we are making the decision as to the moment a life is going to end, I think we're getting into territory that we were never meant to be in. Click To Tweet

If we have a really biblically grounded theology of suffering, then physician assisted suicide become a tougher thing to embrace. Click To Tweet

Even if suffering seems needless, it's not meaningless. Click To Tweet

Doctor's don't know exactly when you're going to die. Maybe you had longer than you thought. Click To Tweet

The question is 'How do we preserve the most amount of life in any given situation?' And when it comes to war, that question is really difficult to answer. Click To Tweet

Jesus was completely non-violent during his earthly ministry. But when he comes back, he won't come as a pacifist. Click To Tweet

Caesar doesn't bear the sword in vain. And it's good that he has it, because there are evildoers who need to be put down. Click To Tweet

At the end of the day, there's no humane way to kill somebody. Click To Tweet

If we see justice as reformative rather than retributive, capital punishment doesn't help you accomplish that. Click To TweetWhen we say that we're pro-life, we have to ask ourselves: pro whose life? Click To Tweet

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