What’s the Deal With Horoscopes?

Astrology and horoscopes seem to be as popular as ever, with adherents looking to the stars for a sign from the universe that will be applicable to their lives in this present moment. These practices are literally millennia old, with use of astrology dating as far back as the third millennium B.C. and astrological practices becoming an integral part of any number of cultures, both in the global east and west.

But how should Christians feel about horoscopes?

While astrology is an ancient practice, its usage in modern time remains common and can be even found in online memes and social media posts, as well as in the mouths of our friends and neighbors—some of them Christian.

In this episode, we explore the history of astrology and horoscopes, what the Bible says about divination and fortune telling, and how these practices are portrayed in biblical accounts. We will also discuss a pivotal moment when someone in the Bible seemed to use astrology.

Further, we grapple with how strongly Christians should feel about astrology, and we consider how promoting astrology and horoscopes can affect our Christian witness.


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