Are Demons Making Us Sick?

A Missouri pastor recently drew sharp criticism for claiming that children who live with autism are merely being oppressed by demons. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for deliverance preachers to make such a claim, or for them to suggest that “casting out a demon” will reverse the effects of being neurodivergent.

Without condoning the words of this pastor or others who agree with him, it is undeniable that when Jesus healed people throughout his earthly ministry, the cause of whatever ailed the people who came to him was often the result of oppression from demons.

That wasn’t always the case, however. There were also many instances in which Jesus healed people without any mention of demons. Is there a way to know the difference in our own day and age?

On this episode, we discuss the role spiritual forces play in our physical world. What are angel and demons doing in the day to day? Do we place too much emphasis on them? Not enough? How can we cultivate respect for the spiritual realities that surround our lives without becoming obsessive—or, frankly, weird—in the process?


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