Episode 1 – Laying an Egg

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 1 - Laying an Egg

On this inaugural episode of the podcast, you’ll hear from Dale and Tamara about their heart for the blog and podcast.

We want to explore what it looks like to live out the abundant life that Jesus promised to us, and we want to invite you into that conversation with us! You’ll also hear a bit about our journeys of faith and how we met in seminary.

Quotes From This Episode

When I found that there were people who love Jesus who also loved me, that began to show me that the love of Jesus was something that was real and it was something that I wanted to be a part of. Click To Tweet The turning point of my faith was when my mom passed away. For many people, that would have been a moment where you're questioning God. But I'm grateful for the way that the Holy Spirit worked in my life and drew me closer to Jesus. Click To Tweet We're trying to love Jesus and serve him together, and to see what that looks like in our everyday lives as we take the deep things of God and make them practical. Click To Tweet A really a big part of what we want to do is to allow space to rethink a lot of the things that we were brought up to believe...and do to so in a space that's safe to do that. Click To Tweet

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