The Asbury Revival: Are We Seeing a Move of God?

On the morning of Wednesday, February 8, something unexpected happened on the campus of Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

A chapel service was held for students, one that we imagine was much like any other, apart from one detail: it just never ended. When a group of students spontaneously stayed back to pray, something began to stir. In the days that would follow, the campus would be marked by around the clock prayer and worship.

As news began to spread, people from around the country flocked to the school to catch a glimpse of what was taking place. Some began proclaiming that a revival had broken out.

Many Christians have expressed excitement at what appears to be a move of the Holy Spirit. Others have been characteristically skeptical.

In this episode, we discuss what is being called the Asbury revival, along with the varied responses to it. We also dive into the question of what a Christian revival actually is and whether what is happening at Asbury University bears resemblance to revivals of old.


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