Episode 17 – I’m Not Going To Yuck Your Yum

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 17 - I'm Not Going To Yuck Your Yum

According to a 2019 Barna survey, almost half of millennial evangelicals at least somewhat agree that sharing their faith with someone else in the hopes that they will convert to your faith is wrong.

That’s a shocking statistic, given the fact that the mission of the Church, as given by Jesus, is to make disciples of all nations and to teach them everything he commanded us. It’s the Great Commission, not the great suggestion.

So on this episode, we explore why younger Christians might feel uncomfortable sharing their faith with others. What are the cultural factors at play that are causing this trend? Understanding those factors will help us begin to discover a better way forward. We’ll also give some practical tips for sharing your faith with your friends and loved ones.


In the coming generation, roughly half (if not more) of American evangelicals will at least somewhat agree that it is wrong to evangelize. Click To Tweet In this modern world, everybody has a platform. And so even truth itself has seemed to be democratized and privatized. Click To Tweet At the end of the day, someone is going to be right and someone is going to be wrong. I've put all my chips on Jesus, and I want to recruit others to do the same. Click To Tweet Either Jesus is the only way, or he's not a way at all. Click To Tweet

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