Was the SBC Wrong To Kick out Saddleback?

On Tuesday, February 21, the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee announced that Saddleback Church was no longer “in friendly cooperation” with the denomination and had been disfellowshipped.

Famously founded by Rick Warren, Saddleback had long been the largest church in the SBC. Nevertheless, they were removed from the denomination because they have ordained women on their staff to the title of “pastor,” one of whom is in the regular weekend service preaching rotation.

Was the SBC within their rights, or are they out of pocket on this one?

In this episode, we discuss the story that led up to Saddleback’s ousting from the SBC, the theological questions involved, as well as how this news has been received, particularly in light of how the SBC has been slow to move on reform in light of sexual abuse scandals.


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