Timothy Keller and the Legacy of Winsomeness

A couple of weeks ago, pastor, author, and apologist Timothy Keller passed away at the age of 72 following a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer. As one of the most influential Christian thinkers of his generation, Keller’s works and writings will likely be read and discussed by evangelicals for years to come.

In the weeks since his passing, the internet has been flooded with tributes to Keller, who was known for his winsome approach to cultural engagement and evangelism. And, in somewhat poor form, social media has also been party to heated discussion about the legacy of his winsome way of life and ministry, with some arguing that Keller’s approach was better fit for a cultural landscape that no longer exists.

To be sure, this discussion is not new, but news of Keller’s death has sparked the debate anew.

In this episode, we remember Timothy Keller’s contribution to the world of evangelicalism, as well as our own formation, and discuss the legacy of his approach. Is winsomeness still the way to engage culture, or is Keller’s death somewhat symbolic of the end of an era?


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How I Evolved on Tim Keller” by James R. Wood
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A Tale of Two New York City Pastors” by Kara Bettis Carvalho
WATCH: Tim Keller Responds to Critics of His ‘Winsome Approach’
Timothy Keller’s Final Address

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