Episode 41 – Untangling The Complex Web Of Evil

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 41 - Untangling The Complex Web Of Evil

Mass shootings are always horrific, senseless, and tragic. And they happen with alarming regularity. In the past month, we’ve seen shootings in Atlanta, Boulder, and in Orange County (the last of which actually occurred after this episode was recorded).

When it comes to what contributes to these mass shootings and how we can prevent them, there aren’t necessarily any easy answers. But in this episode, we take a look at the Atlanta shooting in particular and grapple with the tangled web of contributing factors.

In our discussion, we explore issues of toxic purity culture in evangelical circles, anti-asian racism, and a particular brand of misogyny within that racism. This is a heavy discussion, but we wanted to seek to understand all these issues both with empathy and from a biblical perspective.


As horrific as it is, Robert Long made a theological decision that mass murder was the most faithful course of action. Click To Tweet When we dehumanize people with our words, the natural progression of things is physical violence. Click To Tweet The Church often talks about pornography in terms of addiction, but that understanding isn't supported by the medical community. Click To Tweet When simultaneously say that sexual sin is the worst thing you can do, but that most of us are slaves to it through addiction, it creates a toxic environment. Click To Tweet To say that the Atlanta shooting wasn't racially motivated is to completely misunderstand the context. These spas wouldn't have been targeted if they were white owned. Click To Tweet Referring to COVID-19 as the China Virus and Kung Flu is directly correlated to what happened in Atlanta. Click To Tweet

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