Episode 19 – Samson Was A Meathead

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 19 - Samson Was A Meathead

When a trusted and respected pastor or leader does something morally bankrupt, it hurts. And, unfortunately, almost anyone who has been a part of the Church for any length of time can tell you a story of when it happened in their church or the church of someone they know.

In this episode, we want to explore why these situations happen so often. A spiritual leader has an extramarital affair, embezzles funds, or turns out to have an abusive relationship with other leaders. Is there a way to avoid this?

But even more than that, we want to discuss what it looks like to respond to one of these situations in a way that provides an opportunity for God to build our faith, rather than for the enemy to tear it down.


Moral of the story: don't put your faith in kings and leaders. Put your faith in God alone. Share on X It's interesting that Paul doesn't put a lot of emphasis on leaders having competencies and skills. He spends all his time talking about character. Share on X Be cautious of taking the failings of leaders and putting them on Jesus. Share on X Your leaders are fallen human beings, just like you. Share on X Walking in restoration is hard. But it's the kind of grace that Jesus is calling us into. Share on X

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