Should We Send Our Kids to Private Christian Schools?

In the wake of the pandemic, which has coincided with a real scare about critical race theory and critical gender theory, private Christian schools have seen their enrollment boom over the last few years.

Is that a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing?

Certainly, schooling is an important issue for Christian parents to consider. It’s also a focal point when it comes to any number of culture war issues, whether those are critical race theory or critical gender theory, book bannings, or public prayer.

In light of what appears to be chaos in any number of school districts around the nation, many Christian parents have decided that the public school system isn’t the place they want to send their children. So they have opted to either homeschool their children or send them to a private Christian school. Others have opted to keep their kids in public school, not only for pragmatic reasons, but as a matter of conviction.

In this episode, we explore the arguments for and against sending your children to private Christian schools and discuss how we can appreciate both their strengths and weaknesses in light of public school options. More importantly, we wrestle with how to frame this conversation in a way that is charitable toward those who come to a different conclusion, even though we feel strongly about how we have arrived at our own.


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The Bible Told Them So: How Southern Evangelicals Fought to Preserve White Supremacy” by J. Russell Hawkins

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