Sad and Angry Songs in the Bible

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Sad and Angry Songs in the Bible

If you attend church regularly, you may notice that most (if not all) of the songs we sing are happy or uplifting. But that isn’t necessarily the case when you look at the book of Psalms, which is an ancient songbook that was used by the people of Israel.

Within the pages of the Psalms, there are songs that were meant to be sung corporately by the people that are either incredibly sad or remarkably angry. These are referred to as lament psalms and imprecatory psalms respectively.

In this episode, we dive into these two types of psalms, read some examples, and discuss what their presence in the Bible means for how we process our own emotions, as well as our prayer lives.

We also reference this song for the striking line about God coming back with the heads of our enemies. Enjoy!

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