Should We Declare ‘Pandemic Amnesty’?

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Should We Declare 'Pandemic Amnesty'?

In a recent article for The Atlantic, economist Emily Oster called for what she refers to as “pandemic amnesty.”

After an extended season of speculation, difficult decisions made in the midst of foggy information, and consequential disagreements, Oster argues that it is time for us to set aside our vitriol, look to the future, and focus on solutions to the problems we currently face.

Does Oster have a point? Or does blanket forgiveness mean that we are allowing for a lack of accountability? And how does the bible speak into all these issues?

This week on the podcast, we discuss whether Christians should declare “pandemic amnesty.” And if so, what does that even look like?


Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” by Emily Oster
3 Ways The Pandemic Should Permanently Change Your Faith” by Tamara Chamberlain
The Difference Between Forgiveness And Trust” by Tamara Chamberlain

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