Episode 54 – All About Preaching

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 54 - All About Preaching

For evangelicals (and protestants in general), preaching is a core part of what we understand the gathered church to be. And because of that, there are many strong opinions about what a sermon should look like, how it should be preached, and what qualifies a preacher.

So in this episode, we explore what we think makes a good sermon.

Recently, one prominent preacher was recently accused of plagiarizing another prominent preacher within the same denomination. While the two both confirmed that the material was used with permission, the borrowing preacher didn’t give attribution in his delivering of the sermon. Is that okay?

In our discussion, we also explore topics of whether churches should preach topically or verse-by-verse, and what followers of Jesus do when they’re being subjected to a sermon they disagree with—or they just think is boring and irrelevant.


People have A LOT of opinions on preaching. Even those who have never prepared or delivered one in their lives. Click To Tweet

For Protestants and Evangelicals, for the better part of 500 years, preaching has been a central part of our theology and ecclesiology. Click To TweetTo suggest that any sermon. you preach is 100 percent your own thoughts would be false. Click To Tweet

The listenability of a sermon is very important. Engaging your audience. Click To TweetEvery piece of scripture had an original audience, and it isn't your congregation or you. Click To Tweet

We need to be willing to appreciate a range of preaching styles, or at least not saying that someone is a heretical because their preaching style is different from mine. Click To Tweet

If you can be simple without being simplistic, that's where your sermon is going to have the most power. Click To Tweet

I think being clever is less important than we think it is. Click To Tweet

When you're facing a moral issue at work on Tuesday, you probably aren't going to pull out your three ring binder and consult the notes you took from the sermon that past Sunday. Click To Tweet

Topical preaching has an ability to preach in real time about what's happening in the lives of the people listening. Click To Tweet

Just because you preached one verse last week and you're preaching the next verse this week, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're preaching the text in context. Click To Tweet

There's no perfect system to get the whole counsel of God into a person's life, and we can't put the full weight of that on one hour on Sunday. Click To Tweet

'In the essentials, unity. In the non-essentials, liberty. And in all things, charity.' (St. Augustine, probably) Click To Tweet

Too often, we look at preachers looking for them to trip up. Click To Tweet

A lot of accusations against certain preachers' theology is sour grapes of jealousy about the fact that their churches are growing. Click To Tweet

If we really understood the weight of what it means to be a false teacher, we'd be more carefully about throwing that phrase about in every theological disagreement. Click To Tweet

Preaching is hard. Click To Tweet

You should never be quick to abandon a church based on preference of preaching. Click To Tweet

When people say that they aren't being fed by the church, maybe they need to eat what's on their plate. Click To Tweet

We often hear people say that they want to go deeper. But going deeper just means listening and applying the text to your life. Click To Tweet

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