Episode 5 – It’s Not That Simple

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 5 - It's Not That Simple

In episode 5 of the podcast, we’re getting political and things are getting complicated!

In this episode we tackle some difficult questions. Is America a Christian nation? Should it be? How does our faith intersect with our politics? And in light of that, what political fights should we be passionate about and which ones should we stay away from?

And what we really want to know is how we can be good citizens of Jesus’ heavenly Kingdom while also being good citizens of America. We hope to bring some nuance to this conversation, and we invite your (kindly worded) feedback!


We ought to submit to the authority of the ruling powers above us in the government, because God placed them there for our good. Click To Tweet We can be encouraged, because when Christians have no power and no authority, that's when the gospel spreads and transforms in ways that are just off the charts. Click To Tweet God gave commandments to us not because he wanted to come up with arbitrary rules, but because he created the world in such a way that it functions well when you do the things that he's told you to do. Click To Tweet When we're looking at the world through a partisan lens, every rebuttal against the other side is driven by our politics, rather than saying I'm going to look at everything through a biblical lens. Click To Tweet

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