Episode 31 – Tourist Trip With A Side Of Virtue Signaling

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 31 - Tourist Trip With A Side Of Virtue Signaling

It’s interesting to see how compassion and empathy are becoming quite trendy in today’s society. We feel like compassion should have always been the cultural norm. But increasingly, more and more people are judged by how compassionate they are toward others.

And while the popularity of compassion is a good thing, it has also led to interesting trends like “cause marketing,” where large companies will co-opt compassionate messaging in order to sell products.

What’s more is that with every important public event comes social media posts from influencers who must show that they care about the right issues and a willing to talk about them. All of this can make it difficult to decipher sincere compassion from mere virtue signaling.

This week on the podcast, we discuss what virtue signaling is, why it’s a problem, and how we can guard ourselves against it.


What starts out as a trend can quickly turn into a commodity for social capital. And that's certainly the case with compassion and empathy. Click To Tweet Outrage gets more engagement on social media than love. Click To Tweet What gets celebrated gets repeated. But are you sharing so that people will glorify you, or so that they will glorify God? Click To Tweet Sometimes we're pretty good at masking our virtue signaling. But other times, it's super transparent and we aren't fooling anybody. Click To Tweet While preachers need to teach the whole counsel of God, it's not fair to judge their character on how often the speak to a social issue that's of personal significance to you. Click To Tweet

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