Kainos Project
Kainos Project

In this episode, we explore the topics of community, friendship, and how to build deep relationships.

We’re all born with an innate need for community. And that’s because we were designed that way. Within the Godhead himself, we see a perfect eternal community between God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So when God created us in his image, he built us with an intrinsic need to be connected to him and to each other.

Unfortunately, living in a fallen world has broken our sense of connectedness and community. But it’s something that Jesus came to redeem and restore.

Oftentimes, we just need to think bigger about who is included in our “we,” and we also need to get outside our comfort zone in order to build into a broader sense of community.

In this episode, we talk about why it is that we often fail to connect with others on a deep level, and we provide some helpful suggestions on how to change that.


We were never meant to be an 'I' only. We were meant to be a 'we.' Click To Tweet Because of Church, I'm introduced to different cultures, different styles of life, different ways of living. And I would consider people that look drastically different for me to be really good friends of mine. Click To Tweet Really, if all you have in common with somebody else is Jesus, then you have everything you need to begin to form a wonderful community. Click To Tweet If you want to experience the goodness of community, you have to invest in community. Click To Tweet Too often, fear gets in the way, whether it's fear of being hurt, or not being accepted or just not being able to get along...We allow those things to hinder us from stepping into the richness of community that Jesus designed for us. Click To Tweet



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