Episode 29 – Word Of The Day: Unity

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 29 - Word Of The Day: Unity

It’s always easy to call for unity when your team is the one that’s won. It’s much harder to have a spirit of unity when you feel like you’re the person who isn’t being listened to and whose ideas aren’t being valued.

But perhaps unity shouldn’t be so conditional. While unity does have its limits (namely truth, justice, and morality), we are often too willing to die on just about every hill we can. Still, discernment is required.

In this episode, we’re looking at a couple of key conflicts in the New Testament to see what they mean for our engagement in our current political landscape, as well as in our churches, workplaces, and families.


You don't need to agree on a particular issue in order to be unified. Click To Tweet Unity has limits. And those limits are truth, justice, and morality. Click To Tweet When someone you don't like calls for unity, it feels like a bad thing. But unity is ALWAYS a good thing. Click To Tweet It's in our collective best interest to seek unity--the caveat being that we can't unite around anything unjust or immoral. Click To Tweet One of the major blockers to unity is our own pride. Click To Tweet

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