Episode 28 – Bad Vibes, Very Bad Vibes

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 28 - Bad Vibes, Very Bad Vibes

The Christian life is meant to be marked by joy. But joy and positivity aren’t the same thing. In fact, there are times when positivity can actually be toxic.

Toxic positivity is when we refuse to sincerely acknowledge pain, hardship, or injustice because of the way it disrupts a positive environment. This might be something we do to hide from our own negative emotions, but it’s perhaps most damaging when we use it to shield ourselves from the negative emotions of other.

Toxic positivity is a danger for Christians that we need to avoid (as we write about here).

So in this episode, we discuss what toxic positivity is and what it looks like in the Church, why it’s such a dangerous problem, and how we can respond when we see it.


Majority culture suburban Church could teach a master class in toxic positivity. Click To Tweet Toxic positivity is a way of not dealing with what's in front of you. Click To Tweet We need to make people feel seen and known in our churches. Click To Tweet We encourage people when we dignify their experience. Click To Tweet Hope will not put us to shame. But that doesn't mean that there's real pain in the moment. Click To Tweet

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