Episode 24 – You’re Friends With Trump and Biden?

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 24 - You're Friends With Trump and Biden?

As we try to make sense of the recent presidential and vice presidential debates, Christians find themselves in a morally chaotic age. Opposing voices stand on either side of a gaping chasm declaring that the other is morally bankrupt. It can be difficult to know who to listen to.

But one thing is clear: an overall sense of moral superiority is a real problem for both sides. Because we spend so much time in our own echo chambers, we begin to lose sight of the humanity of others and are quick to roundly condemn them.

In this episode, we walk to look at some key biblical passages that speak against self-righteousness and a sense of moral superiority over others. As we look to these passages, we hope they serve as a reset button that can reorient our hearts in a more spiritually direction.


It's bizarre that as we are being unkind, uncompassionate, and unempathetic, that we're still claiming moral superiority in the midst of all that. Click To Tweet The illustration of having a log in your eye is meant to be ridiculous, because having moral superiority over others when you have your own sin is ridiculous. Click To Tweet If you know the whole bible but actively hate those who you think are morally wrong, your sin is worse than what they're doing. Click To Tweet What's at stake in this conversation is our Christian witness. Click To Tweet Having a Christian worldview isn't just about having the right viewpoint. It's about how you embody that view point and the manner in which you hold that discussion. Click To Tweet

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