Episode 15 – Goodniiight

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Episode 15 - Goodniiight

How do we know we can trust the Bible? It’s an important question, particularly since Christians are called to base their lives on it.

So this week’s episode is part one of a two episode series revolving around common questions regarding the Bible. Can we trust it? What’s in it? How are we supposed to read it?

This week, we tackle how we can know that the bible says now what it said when it was written. How can we know that it hasn’t been changed and altered over time?

In biblical scholarship, this is something called textual criticism. This episode gets a little nerdy, but we trust that you’ll find it informative and helpful!


If God has breathed Scripture out, if it's infallible in that it says nothing that's false and it teaches us morality and truth, then it's completely authoritative for ever aspect of life. Share on X Manuscripts should be weighed, not counted. Share on X To say any English translation is an inspired translation is false. The only inspired texts are the original autographs. Share on X When I see King James only arguments on social media, it's so aggravating because they make certain translations of the Bible seems so malicious, and it's just super misleading. Share on X

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