Episode 14 – 2020, Baby.

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 14 - 2020, Baby.

This past weekend in California, churches, along with many other businesses, were instructed by state authorities to suspend in door gatherings—again. These restrictions have some Christian leaders crying persecution, arguing that California’s governor is specifically targeting Christian churches and seeking their harm.

Is that true? Is the American Church experiencing persecution? We don’t think so. In this episode, we discuss why that is.

When we talk about persecution, we’re speaking about something very serious. Throughout history and around the world today, Christians have laid down their lives rather than renounce their faith. We dishonor them by labeling the inconveniences of COVID-19 restrictions as “persecution.”

We also want to talk about how we can change the tenor of this conversation toward something that’s more productive and winsome toward the communities we’re trying to reach with the love of Jesus.


It's not a good look for the American Church to be crying persecution right now. Share on X The government's authority structure is ultimately for the good and the flourishing of the people. Share on X Most churches are working harder now than they ever have, trying to connect with people. And they've really been connecting with people in intentional ways like never before. Share on X Christians should be the people who are trying to maintain order in society rather than being the ones who go against everything and everyone. Share on X A lot of what we're doing right now is focusing on the wrong things. Share on X

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