Episode 10 – The Year of Declaration

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 10 - The Year of Declaration

Christians are often accused of being hypocrites. But is that fair? Though we might not like it, the most honest answer is “sometimes.”

As we see how well-known and influential evangelical leaders are responding to the world’s most pressing issues in 2020, it’s easy to see how some are responding in a more loving manner than others. But rather than simply throwing stones at other people who seem hypocritical, it’s important to examine ourselves to see if there’s any hypocrisy that lingers in our own hearts.

In this episode, we wrestle through how to focus on loving more like Jesus, while also standing against insincere love and theological posturing we see in the Church today.


In 2020, there have certainly been many voices that have been uplifting, unifying, and compellingly winsome, but unfortunately many of those voices have been drowned out by louder voices that have been just very, very toxic. Click To Tweet There are already so many challenges of becoming a new believer that you're wrestling with internally. So you look up to people as examples. And I think we're seeing a lot of those examples failing right now. Click To Tweet A lot of the times we see the history of Christianity through the lens of negativity and darkness. But if you're in that place, remember that there are so many good things Christianity has done for the world. Click To Tweet Jesus agreed with 90% of what the Pharisees taught. It was their arrogance, hate, and hypocrisy he had a problem with. Click To Tweet We're really good at hating what is evil. But in the midst of that, we need to also remember to cling to what is good. Click To Tweet

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