When Culture War Conversations Jump the Shark

As the culture war is fought in the political arena, in the media, and online, any number of issues arise in the conversation that are important to devout Christians. From human sexuality to racial justice and other issues, Christians have something to say about how their personal convictions intersect with the public conversation. There are legitimate debates to be had and arguments to be made.

But then there’s the silly stuff. Sometimes, what counts as a controversy is almost laughable. Some “controversies” use buzzwords that relate to issues that are important to us, but the actual debate is completely lacking in substance. It merely exist to drive clicks, views, and engagements—much of them fueled by blind outrage.

This week on the podcast, we discuss how to navigate this mess. Is it better to unplug and disengage completely? Or are there steps we can take to engage in a way that is not only healthier, but godlier?


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