Episode 18 – Clean Out Your Fridge

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Episode 18 - Clean Out Your Fridge

Whether it’s living a meaningful life with less, only keeping things that spark joy, or downsizing to a tiny house, the movement of minimalism has been growing in popularity.

You often even hear conversion stories about how people came to become minimalists. They were unhappy with life, searching for meaning. Then they discovered minimalism and embraced it, and now they live lives of meaning, purpose, and joy. It’s honestly pretty compelling.

But where does minimalism fit in with the Christian faith? Are minimalism and Christianity congruent at all? And if so, in what ways?

In this episode, we explore what minimalism is, its origins, its values, and where those values intersect with our faith in order to help us have a more healthy relationship with our stuff.


While minimalism has value, it stops short of providing the true freedom that only is found in Jesus. Share on X Really all we're looking for is a sense of wholeness. Share on X Whether you put your value in amassing wealth or in living with less, you're ultimately finding your value in the wrong things. Share on X If I live simply, enjoy the food I eat, enjoy the wine I drink, enjoy the work I do, all of these pleasures are coming from the hand of God. Share on X The key word in all of this is intentionality. We need to be intentional with our stuff. Share on X

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