Episode 16 – Better Than Dry Chicken

Kainos Project
Kainos Project
Episode 16 - Better Than Dry Chicken

How do we know we can trust the Bible? It’s an important question, particularly since Christians are called to base their lives on it.

So this week’s episode is part two of our mini-series on the Bible and we want to talk about how we know the books we have in our Bibles are the ones we should have, which translation of the Bible is the best, as well as how to begin reading it.

Our hope is that you would walk away from these two episodes having a greater confidence in your Bible, as well as some tactical resources for diving into it!


As people who were forced to study the languages, we can say that what the translators of NIV and NLT are doing is really good. Click To Tweet The best translation of the bible is the one you'll read. Click To Tweet Interpretation of the bible begins at translation. Click To Tweet Some people say that we should take the bible literally. What's better is reading it literarily--that is according the genre of a given book or passage. Click To Tweet In order to understand context, it's important to consult some good resources, like Halley's Handbook or the Bible Project. Click To Tweet

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