Episode 45 – 3 White Dudes In Powdered Wigs

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Kainos Project
Episode 45 - 3 White Dudes In Powdered Wigs

What is an evangelical? It seems like a simple question, but the answer isn’t quite so. Is it a religious group? A cultural movement? A voting bloc? While evangelicalism can often be used as a thumbnail to refer to some of those things, those things don’t make up the definition of what evangelicalism is.

So this week on the podcast, we explore exactly what it means to be an evangelical. We discuss David Bebbington’s fourfold explanation of evangelical values (conversionism, activism, biblicism, and crucicentrism). We also briefly outline the history of the evangelical movement in Europe and North America, starting in the 1730s and continuing to the present.

Here are the links to the resources we reference in this episode.


As we look back at the history of evangelicalism--both its strengths and downfalls--it'll hopefully gives us a clearer vision for where we want to be going. Click To Tweet Evangelicalism is more than a voting bloc. It's a historical movement within Protestantism that has a particular set of values. Click To Tweet As a movement, Evangelicalism has been very decentralized. There is no governing body or authority structure over it. And yet it has been a significant movement. Click To Tweet Historically, Evangelicals have been united by their emphasis on a transformed life, evangelism and good works, the bible, and the Cross. Click To Tweet It's every Evangelical to be very evangelistic. Click To Tweet Evangelicalism started as a movement in the 1730s and has advanced in 4 major waves through the centuries that followed. Click To Tweet With every new wave of Evangelicalism are new voices and new modes of caring out age-old values. Click To Tweet If we can take all the good things of historical Evangelicalism while excising the problematic parts that were endemic to it from the beginning, we have a shot at a fresh move of God. Click To Tweet Through the years, 'evangelical' and 'white evangelical' have often been virtually synonymous. Click To Tweet Insults hurled at Evangelicals who care about social justice are really seeking to emasculate them. The assumption being that if you're for these things, you're wimpy, and if you're wimpy, you're not Christian. Click To Tweet Even for all its serious problems, it's clear that God has moved in major ways through the Evangelical movement. Click To Tweet

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