is now Kainos Project

Why the change? 

Her & Hymn began in 2018 as a personal blog. It was born out of the conversations that Dale and Tamara had as they attended seminary and began their life together as a married couple.

Since then, much has happened.
They have welcomed two sons into the world, graduated with a matching pair of Master of Divinity degrees, and advanced into new areas of ministry individually and together.

But more importantly, 

the world has changed.

a global pandemic

the rise of Christian nationalism

conspiracy theories in the mainstream

racial unrest

myriad abuse scandals in American evangelicalism

the ever-growing deconstruction and exvangelical movement

In this ever changing landscape, people seeking to follow Jesus have a lot of questions. 

There are so many conversations we need to be having.

The purpose of Kainos Project is to create a community of voices that are engaging in those conversations.

We want to expand our voice to include voices 

other than our own.

Voices that have insights, experiences, and expertise in matters related to the most pressing questions of our day. 

We want to do a new work of theology and be a part of a coming revival we believe Jesus wants to bring. 

And we want you to join us.

If you are a writer, a thinker, a theologian… and you want to contribute to the conversation, we would love to give a platform to your voice.

If you have important things to say and discuss

we want to hear about it.

Kainos Project exists to create a community of voices that are eager to explore the new ways God wants to work in the lives of his followers and in his Church.