What Is a Gospel Issue?

When it comes to addressing various social concerns that have theological implications, Christians are often quick to refer to certain causes as “gospel issues.” But what does that actually mean? What is a gospel issue? The term isn’t always very well defined.

Most often, this phrase is used to indicate that if other Christians don’t feel as strongly about a particular issue as the person using it, then they just don’t get what Jesus came here to do. They don’t get the gospel.

But much of the disagreement over what constitutes a gospel issue is actually owing to differing visions for what the gospel is and what it requires. In this episode, we explore those differing visions and how we should view our role in social issues as it relates to our identity in Jesus.


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A Creative Minority: Influencing Culture Through Redemptive Participation” by Jon Tyson and Heather Grizzle
The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism” by Carl F.H. Henry

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