5 More Bizarre Bible Stories (Podcast Episode 47)

5 More Bizarre Bible Stories (Podcast Episode 47)


The bible is a crazy collection of writings. And with the vast majority of it being narrative in style, what we’re left with are a lot of stories that seem bizarre to us. 

Some bible stories are strange to us because we don’t understand the historical or cultural context. For some, it’s because they are written either so cryptically or matter-of-factly that it leaves our head spinning with follow up questions that are simply left unanswered. Still other times, a story is both clear and descriptive, but it’s just a zany adventure in the life of whoever is advancing God’s story in that particular section of text. 

So on this episode, we thought we’d dive into 5 more crazy stories from the bible and what they mean. This episode is a continuation of our conversation from episode 27, where we discussed 5 strange stories from the bible. But the thing about the bible is that there are so many strange stories that we will never have a shortage of ones to talk about on this podcast. 

In our conversation, we dive into these 5 stories.

  • Foreskin Foot Protection (Exodus 4:18-26)
  • A Flying Talking Donkey (Numbers 22-24)
  • A Risque Sermon Illustration (Isaiah 20:1-6)
  • King Nebuchadnezzar Takes A Spiritual Retreat (Daniel 4:4-37)
  • Jesus Gets Hangry (Matthew 21:18-19)

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