Putting The Good Back In Good Friday (Podcast Episode 40)

Putting The Good Back In Good Friday (Podcast Episode 40)


What did Jesus mean when he said from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” How we interpret Jesus’ words in that moment are pivotal in our understanding of what was happening, what Jesus was experiencing, and our overall theology when it comes to the cross. 

Because the prevailing interpretation of Jesus’ words, most of us have come to see Good Friday as a funeral day for Jesus. It’s a day of mourning, guilt, and solemnity.

This common sentiment is illustrated by resources we found with regard to Good Friday here and here.

But in this episode, we want to question those assumptions. Should Good Friday services really be a funeral of sorts for Jesus? What if, in that moment, Jesus was saying something different than what we typically think? 

In our discussion, we focus on the text that Jesus was quoting in Psalm 22 to better understanding what he was intending to convey. 

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