We Promise We Don’t Hate Billy Graham (Podcast Episode 39)

We Promise We Don’t Hate Billy Graham (Podcast Episode 39)


We recently published a blog post that caused a bit of a kerfuffle on social media. That blog post was entitled 4 Reasons We Should Reconsider The Billy Graham Rule. In that post, we outlined that while we don’t want to throw caution to the wind, we might want to take a closer look at the unintended consequences that the Billy Graham Rule culture has created. 

Given the great debate, conversation, and criticism that arose from that blog post, we thought it appropriate to tackle the same question in podcast form, so that we could have a more nuanced conversation about it. 

We have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for Billy Graham, but we do want to reconsider how we might most effectively carry on his legacy of faithfulness and fidelity without putting undo stigma on women or limiting their professional and ministry opportunities. 

This conversation is a wild ride. Tamara shares candidly about how this rule has effected her, and we explore together how we might reframe this conversation in the evangelical world.

If you have any questions you’d like to submit about this episode or have other topics of conversation you’d like us to explore in future episodes, you can connect with us over on our contact page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and we’re excited to journey with you!


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