Timothy Killer, Part II (Podcast Episode 23)

Timothy Killer, Part II (Podcast Episode 23)


This episode is part 2 of a discussion we began in Episode 22 about white privilege: its existence, understanding it as a biblical/theological category, and how to respond to it. While we understand that this topic can be controversial, with many followers of Jesus denying its existence, we want to continue a nuanced discussion about it.

In this part of the discussion, we break down the idea of corporate sin, both in terms of generational dynamics and the sinful nature that we inherited from Adam. We also break down some practical steps for what to do with this knowledge.

Ultimately, our goal is that we would take seriously the voices of our brothers and sisters of color and create a more inclusive Church for future generations.

If you have any questions you’d like to submit about this episode or have other topics of conversation you’d like us to explore in future episodes, you can connect with us over on our contact page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and we’re excited to journey with you!


We've heard it said that this is a 'sin problem and not a skin problem.' While that's true, that view often ignores the systemic issues at play. Click To Tweet

Sin often gets ingrained across generations, and the effects of it compound with each generation. Click To Tweet

Sin is about more than one person doing a single evil act against another single person. Click To Tweet

Having an abiding sense of guilt for being white is just as unproductive as denying the existence of white privilege. Click To Tweet

Maybe there are certain stories in history that we need to re-explore with a more critical lens. Click To Tweet

We all have racial bias. And so you need to be honest with yourself and aware of when that bias is coming into play. Click To Tweet


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