Choosing Life (Podcast Episode 13)

Choosing Life (Podcast Episode 13)


Abortion is a topic that’s very close to our hearts, both as Christians, as well as people who have known others who have had abortions or who almost had abortions.

We stand firmly on the side of life, and we believe that the bible clearly bears that out. But we are also sympathetic to the struggles and complexities that come along with the decision on whether or not to take a pregnancy to full term. So we want to talk about that, especially where the conversation of abortion intersects with the conversation about women’s rights.

We want to enter this conversation empathetically and with sensitivity, but we don’t shy away from the difficult aspects of the topic of abortion. So be advised that we speak very opening about topics relating to what abortion is, as well as other issues such as sexual abuse that leads to unplanned pregnancies. 

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This topic becomes way more personal when you consider that my mom could have terminated her pregnancy with me. Click To Tweet

To deny the personhood of an unborn child seems to run against our natural inclinations, whether you're Christian or not. Click To Tweet

The tenor of scripture is resoundingly pro-life. Click To Tweet

God has already known each person, from when they were in the womb. He knows them, and he created them with a purpose. Click To Tweet

Apart from your faith in the provision of God, you might feel like terminating your pregnancy is your only option. (But it's not.) Click To Tweet


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