Twisted Sisters (Podcast Episode 6)

Twisted Sisters (Podcast Episode 6)


In episode 6 of the podcast, we talk a lot about identity. If you are a follower of Jesus, should you self-identify as a sinner or as a saint? You might say that both are true. 

But how we identify ourselves matters, because it determines the course of our actions. Because what we do tends to flow from who we are. So it’s important to cling to the identity you’ve been given in Jesus. You are a saint. 

This isn’t to say that you never sin. But it is to say that your sin doesn’t define you anymore. Join us as we dive deeper into discussing why describing yourself simply as a “sinner saved by grace” might not be the best thing. 

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Martin Luther talks about this paradox of the the person who is in Christ. They are still fundamentally broken and sick–and yet at the same time, completely healed. And we see this theme all throughout the new Testament of this. Click To Tweet

When you're fighting against your sin and brokenness, you're fighting against things that fundamentally disagree with who you are in Christ. Click To Tweet

Chains can be loosened, because of the power of Jesus, not because of your own ability to become a better person. Click To Tweet

The resurrection changes who you are. And sometimes we forget that. So we still want to identify as sinner, even though we do take on a new identity. Click To Tweet


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