The Frog In The Kettle (Podcast Episode 2)

The Frog In The Kettle (Podcast Episode 2)


Today, we’re talking all about rest. In a fast paced society, it’s not something that most of us are very good at–and having to slow down because of the COVID-19 shelter-at-home order has really begun to reveal that.

Too often, we think of rest as something that’s meant for lazy people, but really it’s for people who are full of faith and secure in their relationship with Jesus. And that’s because resting is an active affirmation of the fact that God is always at work, even when we aren’t. 

In this episode, we explore God’s design for rest, which we first find in Genesis 2. We also discuss commandment for Israel to rest–one day out of seven, and one year out of seven. We talk about how they failed to live up to that calling, how it ended up hurting them in the long run, and how we aren’t so different. 

We also talk about some tactical tips for learning to rest well, including how to schedule it into your weekly and monthly rhythms. 

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You need to be active in choosing rest. It doesn't come naturally. Click To Tweet

Rest isn't necessarily a passive thing. When I think of rest, I tend to think of disengaging. But rest is a further engagement of what's going on around you. Click To Tweet

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If Jesus stopped to rest, what makes us think we don't need to stop and rest? What makes us think that we our ministry is so much greater than his? Click To Tweet

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